Welcome to WAIT Plympton-Wyoming!

Our Mission Statement:
Plympton Wyoming residents informing the public, to dispel the misinformation about Industrial Wind Turbines.
Our Vision:
We aim to preserve and promote our existing rural landscape and small town values, free of danger to our health, economy, and free from division amongst our residents.
How we do this:

1) We provide fact based information about the impact of Industrial Wind Turbines.

2) We provide this information to the public, the media and to all levels of government through town hall meetings, web & print resources, and by individual, personal contact where possible.


NEW: Ontario's Independent Electricity Operator (IESO) has announced the start of a process to procure new electricity supply 2000 MW in 2025, 1500 MW in 2027, and 1500MW in 2029, plus new capacity needs to be determined.

The long-term procurement plan includes more wind, solar, hydro, and biomass, with BESS (battery storage) and pumped storage to compensate for renewables intermittency. This is to be implemented in the time frame 2029-2035. Nuclear plant Pickering B refurbishment may occur from 2030 out, and Bruce C new nuclear from 2040 out.

IESO is recommending to renew the contracts of old capacity and procure new capacity through competitive bid process, as opposed to the old pre-set contract rates. This is expected to drive the cost of new capacity well below the cost of legacy contracts.

The IESO has indicated that municipal approval for new projects can be a hindrance to meeting their objective. There are indications that the energy proponents have already started a PR campaign against the requirement for municipal approval; recent articles in the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star on the negative aspects of municipal approval are one indication. We can expect increasing pressure on P-W Council to approve new projects or expansion of old projects. Here we go again.

All comments and enquiries on this engagement can be directed to engagement@ieso.ca by February 7, 2024. They will be asked for an extension.

Summary here and details here

IESO Jan 15 and 17 municipal meetings here ;  Jan 17 Audio here

Wind Concerns Ontario position here

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